In the latest giveaway for this book from KidMin Nation, I asked you to tell me about one of your goals for the year and how you plan to accomplish it. And boy do you have some big goals! I love seeing how you’re thinking big and starting small with your plans for the year ahead. 

Congratulations to Kristina in Washington State for winning a free copy of the book! Kristina said her goal for the year was all about volunteer management:

I want to learn how to train and empower my volunteer team. I really struggle with this area in the past. Working toward this goal by strategically planning our bi-annual trainings (the purpose, what we will cover, how to appreciate them). What do I teach them? And how/what do I teach them depending on the age they teach. I’d like to find ways each month to do this rather than depend on these 2 meetings throughout the year. Our ministry is growing and I am so excited for this year!! I want to learn more, invest more, empower more, teach more! I’m really going need to delegate more because we are growing and I cannot do it all by myself.”

Volunteer management is a constant need in KidMin, and we’ve got some great volunteer training resources available in the DKM Marketplace (including a full training plan). Plus, this year’s Admin April will have a volunteer focus, so stay tuned! (Check out last year’s Admin April resources here.)

Here are a few more of the goals you or leaders like you posted. Know that I’m praying for you and your goals for the year, and I encourage you to pick 1-2 other kidmin leaders and their goals and pray for them too!

One of my goals this year is to be loud and excited about our vision with the hopes that it will bring out the same in others. I’m newer to the church and it feels like children’s ministry is a routine. I’d like to see new life, new passion and an excitement that causes people (adults and kids) to be involved. – Melissa

My goal this year, is to develop a more family-focused ministry. In other words, how do I engage not just the children but their parents as well? Currently we are looking at the events we are already doing and seeing how we can make these more family oriented. – Chandra

My goal this year is to train my staff and empower them to be all that God desires for the children and families we minister to. Being a new church/ministry, we have scheduled bimonthly trainings for all… including teen helpers. – Erzaline

One of my ministry goals is to get my leaders inviting their friends to join them in serving in the ministry. One way to work towards accomplishing that is by appreciating my leaders more, through leader appreciation dinners and thank you cards in the mail. – Angie 

We’ve got lots of volunteer appreciation downloads in the DKM Marketplace (including one for Valentine’s Day and Easter) if you want some help showing your team some love! 

One of my ministry goals is to create more opportunities for the children to serve the church and community. They have such big and joyous hearts, yet often overlooked because they are children. – Carie

One goal is to develop a follow up plan for First Time Kids Church Guests. We want to make sure that within the following week of them attending, we send a form of communication via mail that thanks them for attending, expresses our desire to see them again, and informs them of upcoming services that they can come to. We are also looking at having an info pamphlet that contains crossword puzzles, pictures to color, and fill in the blanks that explain the Gospel that the child would be able to take home after their first visit. – Daniel

One goal is to increase communication with senior pastor. Start with monthly sharing victories. – Jodi

My main goal this year is to delegate. One of my main stumbling blocks is the growth of our church. I have not challenged my leaders to step up and fill roles because I could do it. But now I’m playing catch up to fill roles Because I can’t do it all! – Rachel 

Yes, delegation is always a struggle for me too! So I like to remember these 16 Delegation Tips from Disney to keep me smiling, delegating, and letting go. 

My main goal this year is to develop a strong team with me. It’s my first full year at this church, and I want to build up those teachers who faithfully serve every week and also train up several incredible middle schoolers to serve too. – Kaytlin

One of my ministry goals for the year is to give families opportunities to serve together, and with other families in our church. Last year we tried this out by being in our local Christmas parade. The families desiged the float, built it, came up with decorations, and handed out church info. This year we are looking to do other types of projects that are similar and will still get all the families involved. After each event, I received feedback as to what our families would like to see us do next. – Anna

My goal this year is to be more hands on with training my teachers not just for their classes but for better kid relationships through reaching out to our in house teachers and special education trained persons. – Amanda

One ministry goal this this is to do and teach more missions! We plan to start a new program this coming year that solely focuses on missions and even provide opportunities for the kids to go out and serve in certain areas of the community. We want to make missions real for the kids! – Lacey

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