Lectio Divina is a spiritual discipline that combines prayers with the study of Scripture. As children’s ministry leaders who are in God’s Word for professional purposes (we have to know it if we’re going to teach it, right?), the practice of Lectio Divina is an excellent way to make sure we’re in God’s Word for personal reasons too.

Too often in ministry, I confused my teaching prep time with my personal quiet time, but when we approach the Bible only for the purpose of teaching it to others, we miss out on what it can teach us. Using Lectio Divina helped me shut off the part of my brain that focused on “how can I turn this into an object lesson for the 2nd graders” and sparked the side that quietly waits for that gentle whisper from a Heavenly King.

I pray that this resource helps you connect with God’s Word not so you can serve His children but so you can take delight in Him as one of His children. Know that this download has been prayed over and YOU have been prayed over, kidmin leader.

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