Visiting kids for lunch at school is something I wish I had done more of as a children’s pastor. So when I saw a friend (and former college suitemate – miss you!) post about this on her Facebook page, I knew I had to share it! Thanks Jill for the awesome idea!

Earlier in the week we talked about helping local schools win, and one way was to follow their protocols. So when visiting the children in your ministry for lunch at school, use this week’s printable to help make it easier on your families and your local schools.

Here’s how it works…

1. Print out one copy for every child in your ministry.

2. Sign your name on the top portion, and fill out your name, church, and contact information on the bottom portion.

3. Pass out the copies to the families in your ministry. (Pro tip: tell kids you want to join them for lunch but that they have to complete the forms first. Kids are often the best motivators when you want the parents to do something!)

4. Parents fill out both the top and bottom of the printable, then return the top part to you (to let you know their child wants you to come to lunch), and they turn the bottom part into the child’s school.

5. Gather all the forms and make a schedule so you can meet each child for lunch at school.

6. Give yourself a high five for finding a fun and creative way to connect with kids outside of Sunday mornings.

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