Use this cootie catcher to help kids review any memory verse! It’s a great time filler activity or early arriver activity, and you can send kids home with their very own Memory Verse Cootie Catcher to practice with their family!

Not sure how to use this memory verse cootie catcher? Here are some ideas:

  • Give each child a cootie catcher. Kids will pair up and take turns working their cootie catcher. They must do whatever the cootie catcher says under the number they choose. Then the other child can work their cootie catcher. After they have both gone, kids switch and find a new partner until you call time.
  • Give each adult in the room a cootie catcher. Kids rotate among different adults and do whatever the flap they open says.
  • Have kids take cootie catchers home and practice with their families.

If you enjoy this free cootie catcher, check out our Books of the Bible Cootie Catcher Set, a fun way to practice Bible skills.

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