4 Gospel Object Lessons

This bundle includes 4 object lessons you can use to present the gospel message to the children in your ministry.


Object lessons are a great way to help kids gain an understanding of God’s Word and truth in practical and applicable ways. This object lesson bundle includes 4 object lessons you can use to present the gospel message to the children in your ministry. One lesson is a paper tear, one includes easily reproducible visuals that go with the lesson and the other two use common items you can easily obtain.

The four object lessons include: 

  1. What Money Can’t Buy: This lesson talks about some of the things money can buy, but all those things are only temporary. You can’t use it to buy the most important things like a relationship with God or getting into heaven. The problem is we all have a sin debt to God that money can’t pay off, but God has a wonderful plan on how you can get that debt paid for free.
  2. Rocket to Heaven: This is a paper tear illustration used to share the gospel. A regular piece of paper is folded into a paper airplane and then the paper is torn to reveal a rocket and the rocket is unfolded into a cross. The airplane and rocket won’t get you to heaven but the cross can.
  3. Wall of Separation: Isaiah 59 tells us that our sin separates us from God. Sin is a wall or barrier that separates us from God and there is nothing we can do to tear it down. Instead, God replaces that wall with the cross and whoever believes in Jesus will no longer be separated from God but will begin an eternal relationship with him.
  4. Gospel Penny: Did you know that every part of a penny can be used to tell the gospel story? Each item on the penny and things about the penny can be used to share truths about the gospel and the need to share the gospel with others.

This download includes: 

  • leader guide/overview (.docx + PDF)
  • word-for-word scripts for each object lesson (.docx + PDF)
  • presentation title slides for each object lesson (.png)
  • verse slides for each object lesson (.png)
  • blank slides for each object lesson to make your own (.png)
  • all necessary printables including step-by-step paper tear instructions, wall of separation graphics, etc. (.png + PDF)

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