I love finding new ways to draw kids into the overarching story of the Bible and helping them connect the storyline throughout the Scriptures. Which is why I’m IN LOVE with this new album from High Point Church.

There are 66 books of the Bible, and The Greatest Story Ever Told: The Bible helps kids see how all of those books connect through 12 catchy songs. It was created by a children’s pastor with a passion for helping kids enjoy the Bible.

My favorite song? #6: Rise of the Kingship (Forever Be) – First of all, it’s a beautiful melody. But then you get to the lyrics and that’s where it got me. Even though it talks about Saul and David and the rise of the Kingship in Israel (hence the title), it emphasizes how these kings point to a future King…

“But it’s not about David, you see. David pointed to a much greater king… God will put a king on Israel’s throne. His reign will never end. His kingdom will never cease. All the world will bow to him alone. Oppression then will end. His people will have peace. And their king He’ll forever be.”

I also really like #11: Acts of the Apostles (Until all the World Has Heard) – It’s got a great beat and one lyric is “Jesus said, “Hey, I’m outtie! But you should stick around. See the Holy Spirit’s coming down.” I mean come on. Who doesn’t want a song where Jesus says “I’m outtie”?

The other songs are just as catchy and I’ve had a couple of them stuck in my head since I first heard them. There’s even a free devotional book that goes along with the album if you want to take it deeper.

The Greatest Story Ever Told: The Bible is available for free on Spotify or Apple Music, or you can order a physical cd. The songs are the perfect complement to whatever curriculum you’re using, and it’s a great resource to share with the parents in your ministry too. Once they know the songs, kids will be able to sing the entire Biblical narrative from memory. I can’t even do that!

Give it a listen, then let me know what your favorite song is in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for this review in 2019! It has produced so much fruit from our church. As a correction/update, physical copies may still be purchased but should be done through the link at thebiblealbum.org. There is also a companion devotional available at the same site!

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