We all know this generation of digital natives requires a unique approach to ministry, and this is especially true for our preteens! I’m always on the lookout for new resources to share with families, and this might be one of my new favorites!

You may already know about the Bible App for Kids, but YouVersion in partnership with OneHope has now created the Kids Bible Experience as the next step for preteens once they’ve outgrown the kid version. Designed for 7-11-year-olds, the Kids Bible Experience is the next level of scripture engagement for kids and preteens. It features new videos, questions, and scripture verses every day to help preteens cultivate daily habits of engaging with God’s Word.

In the experience, preteens will find…

  • Fun, fresh perspectives – They’ll hear relevant insights from a variety of ministries and churches.
  • Food for thought – A simple, interactive question that helps them reflect on what they’ve learned.
  • Firm foundations – Daily Scripture verses help them frame their world in the light of God’s Word.

The design of the experience mirrors what kids and preteens experience in other apps, so it’s speaking their digital language right off the bat. And, the Kids Bible Experience is found right inside the YouVersion Bible App, so most families won’t even have to download something new!

Check out the Kids Bible Experience on the homepage of the YouVersion Bible app for yourself, then use their simple and easy promo kit to help share this awesome resource with your families!

This Kids Bible Experience Promotional Kit is FREE and includes:

  • Challenge Cards – These are cards that KidMin leaders can pass out on a weekend as a take-home challenge. The challenge encourages families to watch KBE for seven days, write the verse they learned about for each day they watched, then return the card and exchange it for a prize/surprise which the ministry has predetermined to celebrate the child.
  • Flyers – Flyers to print and distribute to families.
  • Email Templates – Use these to craft quick and easy emails to your families to let them know all about the KBE!
  • Social Media – This folder has a single KBE image, the IG carousel, and a short 60-second video to post on your ministry’s social media accounts.
  • Weekend Slides – This folder has a general slide, the ‘How To KBE’ slides designed for class-type environments, and the same video from the social media folder that can be used as a weekend announcement. These slides are perfect for Sunday morning services!

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