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One of the best ways to retain your volunteers is to celebrate them! And what better way to celebrate them than with random, surprise gifts of appreciation? People may be expecting an appreciation gift around holidays or special days, but you can make any day a special day with this volunteer appreciation tag printable!

Use this volunteer appreciate tag printable to surprise your team with a little gift “just out of the blue. Choose the printable option you’d like to use, follow the instructions below, and attach the 3×3-inch tags to a blue item (food, candy, ministry merchandise, random blue items, etc.).

Options for Printing:

  • Print page 2 (full-color squares) on white paper or cardstock, cut, and attach to gift(s).
  • Print page 3 (black and white, no squares) on blue paper or cardstock, cut, and attach to gift(s). Note: The letters will show up white outlined in black.
  • Use page 3 to print directly on Post-it notes that easily attach to the gift(s)! Print page 3 (black and white with squares) on regular paper. Then place blue Post-it notes in each square, reload the paper into your printer, and print again. Now the printed message will show up on the Post-it notes that you can stick to the gift(s).
  • Not sure what treats your team might want? Grab a variety of blue snacks from the list, place them all in a basket or bin with a copy of page 5 (on white paper) or page 6 (on blue paper), and invite volunteers to choose which treat they want!

Blue Items to consider as gifts/treats:

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