Invite kids into the experience of the Easter story through the sense of smell! Use this activity as a way to introduce your Easter lesson and to invite kids to use their imaginations to experience the Easter story.

Supplies: Variety of spices (ex. Cinnamon, cloves, aloe vera gel, olive oil, cardamom, dry mustard, etc.), Small dishes

Details: Have a variety of scents and smells available to each small group. These don’t necessarily have to be stereotypical ‘biblical’ scents – simple spices available at a grocery store (cinnamon, cloves, aloe vera gel, olive oil, cardamom, dry mustard, etc.) will suffice. Have these scents poured out in dishes for your crew to smell and imagine what each of these scents may have been used for in Jesus’ time (cooking, cleaning, anointing special people, in church, so on).

There are no right or wrong answers for this activity; it is simply a way to get kids thinking! Introduce this activity by saying something similar to this:  “Jesus’ time was one of all kinds of unique spices and smells. Tonight, we have some spices that they may have used while Jesus was on earth… they will help us imagine that we are back in time. Let’s take turns smelling the various spices and imagining what they might have been used for in Jesus’ day.”

With older kids, you can allow them to try to guess what the spices/scents you have are.

This activity is one of the opening activities in the Experience Salvation 90-minute lesson that invites kids to experience salvation by walking through the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in a hands-on way. The goal of this lesson is to explain to children that all of us are in need of salvation – and Jesus provides it. Learn more about the Experience Salvation Lesson here.

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