Let’s face it. Children’s ministry is challenging! There will be plenty of times when we will want to hit snooze on the alarm clock and call in sick or when we feel like we just can’t handle it anymore. But the gospel will be the one thing to bring us back to where we need to be.

The gospel is what will get us out of bed in the morning and into church so we can share the gospel with kids and lead our volunteers with integrity. LifeWay shared a post about leadership lessons from Paul, and they offered ideas for staying motivated in ministry and leadership and how the gospel kept Paul motivated through chaos like imprisonment, shipwreck, and more. Practice these things this month so the joy of the gospel can be your motivation to serve well and persevere.

  1. Spend time in the Word. (To be motivated by the gospel, you have to know the gospel!)
  2. Spend time in the world. (Don’t live in your “holy bubble”.)
  3. Connect all you do to the gospel. (Even if you’re changing diapers, cutting a craft, or tagging kids with a pool noodle, you’re sharing God’s love.)
  4. Surround yourself with encouragers. (You’re not in this alone!)
  5. Journal. (Help yourself remember God’s goodness by writing down God’s provisions and blessings!)

How do YOU stay motivated in serving?

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