Happy VBS Season, KidMin Leader! We are in full VBS mode now (as I’m sure you are too), so that means we’re working on the final preparations for the big week!

One task that always takes way longer than it should is creating name tags for the kids and volunteers.

So I hope these templates help make that task a little less stressful and time-consuming. 

How To Use:

1) Decide on which design you want to use. There are 3 different options for both LifeWay’s Game On VBS and Group’s Shipwrecked VBS. (Plus blank versions of each design too!)

2) Print as many of the name tags as you need on white paper, then cut them out.

3) Write each child’s/volunteer’s name and crew on each nametag, and slide them into any standard name badge holder (I used these.)

4) You’re all set! On to the next VBS task!

Tip: Print two copies for each person, place both copies facing out of the name badge, and you’ll have double-sided name tags! Great way to keep names visible amidst all the wiggles and fun.

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