One important aspect of hosting an all-star volunteer training is planning ahead and communicating details. If you expect all of your volunteers to attend training (and I recommend making your training mandatory), you have to give them plenty of notice and reminders. 

So this week I’m sharing my entire email communication sequence that invited rookie volunteers to join the team, reminded veterans about training (several times), and even followed up with them after the event.

The email templates include emails for

  • Recommitment & Recruiting
  • Save the Date email for your training event
  • RSVP Email to confirm your volunteers’ attendance at training
  • Final Countdown email as a last reminder about the event
  • Follow Up Email for after training is over

These email templates were created and used in the Put Me In, Coach! Volunteer Training Resource – a complete download to help you host a 1-hour, all-star training event. Learn more about how to host this training and download a copy of the resource for yourself here.

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