Kids are some of the most creative people on the planet, and we have the privilege of helping them discover how to use that creativity for the Kingdom. Their brains often see solutions to problems that our adult brains don’t. So next time you encounter a problem in your ministry, ask some of your kids how they would solve the problem. While you might get some funny answers, I’d bet one of them says something that sparks a valuable solution. After all, the 12 items below were invented by kids to solve a problem they faced. Use this list in a teaching time or encouraging note to inspire the kids in your ministry to use their gifts and talents to solve problems and serve others!

  1. BRAILLE LANGUAGE by Louis Braille, 12
  2. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS by Albert Sadacca, 15
  3. TRAMPOLINE by George Nissen, 16
  4. POPSICLE by Frank Epperson, 11
  5. TOY TRUCK by Robert Patch, 5
  6. SNOWMOBILE by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, 15
  7. SUPERMAN by Jerry Siegel, 17
  8. SWIM FLIPPERS by Benjamin Franklin, 11
  9. EARMUFFS by Chester Greenwood, 15
  10. WATER SKIS by Ralph Samuelson, 18
  11. HOT SEAT by Alissa Chavez, 14
  12. iAID by Alex Deans, 15

This list comes from The Great Money Adventure, a 9-week series that’s not just a curriculum; it’s a call to action. Over the course of 9 different sessions, kids will receive a step-by-step plan for creating their own businesses, and they will be inspired to use the money they make to make a difference in the world around them. Learn more here.

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