The fall season is the perfect time to encourage families to serve your church and your community! Here are 15 fall service project ideas families can complete together:

  1. Write a thank you note to your teacher
  2. Shop for and stuff a box for Operation Christmas Child (This event guide does the work for you!)
  3. Leave a snack & note for the mail carrier
  4. Clean something for someone else
  5. Raise & donate money for offering or a mission partner at church
  6. Pick up trash in a local park
  7. Visit a nursing home
  8. Donate used towels and blankets to a local animal shelter
  9. Send flowers to someone going through a hard time
  10. Volunteer at church on a Sunday morning
  11. Write a holiday card to a soldier
  12. Make a freezer meal for your church’s foster families (This free download makes it easy!)
  13. Donate to a local food bank
  14. Rake leaves for a neighbor or elderly person at church
  15. Bake and deliver cookies to the staff room at a local hospital (find more ways to support your local hospital here)

Want a fun way to encourage families to develop a habit and heart of serving? Check out Fall Service Project Bingo! It includes the ideas above and more, plus it gives you customizable ways to share the ideas with your families and encourage them to complete them! Learn more here.

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