Though it may have its negatives, our digital world provides lots of new tools and resources we can use to help us do ministry more effectively and efficiently. Last year, I asked kidmin leaders in a FB group about the 1-2 apps or tech tools they can’t live without in children’s ministry. Here were the top 25 answers (in no particular order):

  1. Canva (top recommended)
  2. Remind
  3. FaceBook Page & FaceBook Groups (Psst Here’s a training to help you make the most of your ministry’s social media.)
  4. Propresenter
  5. Right Now Media
  6. Planning Center
  7. Amazon – “It’s where I get all my supplies!”
  8. Weather Channel App – “Just in case I need a rain plan.”
  9. Notion – “Basically you can make pages which house all the different notes you need as a children’s minister. Then share them with your team, volunteers, pastors, even parents. It helps corral everything in one place. I use it mostly for my master to-do list and planning. If you have ever read Sustainable Children’s Ministry… this makes using all the tips in that book seamless!”
  10. Trello
  11. Google Sheets & Google Docs
  12. Bible app
  13. Telegram – “It’s an app that you can use instead of a group text for communicating. Not all of my team has social media and group texts are not very efficient. You can upload files into it and photos, etc. My team uses it to communicate when calling out last minute to have someone fill their spot on Sunday morning. I also use it to share wins within our ministry and any upcoming events.”
  14. Candy Crush – “It helps keep me sane. Lol.”
  15. Felt – “Felt is a really awesome card-making app! You take a photo, load it in, and then type a message and you buy credits. Felt then sends the card to whoever you’d like! I use it to send cards to my volunteers! I’ll take a photo of them in their role at church and send a verse with a thank you message!”
  16. Word Swag – “A quick and easy way to make graphics on your phone.”
  17. Google Drive
  18. Lead Small
  19. Mailchimp
  20. FaithSpark App
  21. Reach
  22. Dropbox
  23. Pinterest – “I find the best ideas here!”
  24. Youtube
  25. Totescan – “It’s a way to organize storage area. I purchased the labels from Amazon under $10. The app will scan the labels. You then add items under that label and can even take photos of it. When I was hired, our storage was a hot mess. I didn’t know what we had. After emptying it we organized with this app/labels. Then I got a new coworker. She can easily find whatever we need by searching the app. The challenge is to return things back to the same box!”
  26. BONUS: ChatGPT and other AI chatbots. Here are 9 ways to use them in your kidmin!

What app or tech tool would YOU add to this list?

This list is just part of the tools and bonus resources I recommend in my book Time to Update, all about integrating digital discipleship into your children’s ministry strategy. Learn more about the book and order your copy here.

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