After digging into digital discipleship in children’s ministry this April, I heard about a new app called Faith Spark and had to share! (Note: I have not paid to endorse Faith Spark, and I won’t earn anything if you choose to check it out. It’s just a really cool resource that I wanted to make sure you knew about!)

Faith Spark is a discipleship platform and follow-up app that connects kids to their faith community. It was originally designed for camps to use to follow up with kids after leaving camp, but after spending some time on the app myself, (you can request your own free trial here), I can see so many great ways to use this app in your children’s ministry!

  • Small group (and large group) communications – The chat feature allows you to connect with kids and talk with them throughout the week. You can even share polls to encourage them to engage or use some of the other features like the quizzes to ask questions or invite kids to ask questions!
  • Live online events – Just like on Facebook or YouTube, you can stream live online events and interact with kids virtually, in real-time in a safe and closed environment.
  • Discipleship and Bible skills – Using the quizzes and other features, you can encourage kids to test and grow their Bible knowledge! You could even create games/quizzes based on each week’s lesson.

Here’s a full description of all the cool stuff Faith Spark can do. Since it’s set up for use by camp, the default wording focuses on “camp weeks” and “cabins,” but you can easily change that in your admin settings to reflect “Sunday mornings” and “small groups.”

And I love that it’s a closed platform with lots of administrative systems in place to keep your kids and your volunteers safe because we all know safety is a top priority in children’s ministry, whether online or in-person. For example, even though kids can chat privately with their leaders, all chats are stored in the backend and admins can view transcripts at any time.

So as you’re exploring ways to stay connected with kids throughout the summer (other than with your Crew Cards), check out Faith Spark!


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