This week’s post comes from my friends over at Small Church Ministry, a site devoted exclusively to ministry leaders in small churches! And while their goal is to help small churches do ministry better (by sharing ideas and hosting free online conferences like this one coming up on April 29, 2023), this blog post has relevance and encouragement for churches of all sizes…

The reality of another failed kids’ event isn’t a fun one. Or teaching children’s Sunday school class and wondering if it’s making a difference. Or having to miss worship every week because there’s no one else to serve in the nursery.

I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

Yes, it can be deflating at times, but it really IS possible to serve in a small church and have a children’s ministry that rocks! Unfortunately, we sometimes get sucked into these common mistakes when God has something much better in mind!

So take a look at these 3 common mistakes and see if they’ve been creeping into the children’s ministry at your church:

MISTAKE #1: Doing It Alone

If you ever hear people in your church saying, “I have to do it. I’m the only one” or “I’m the pastor’s wife –– of course I do everything” … this isn’t biblical, which means it isn’t what God wants. And if you believe His Word, you know He always makes a way. The Body of Christ was created to function as different parts sharing their gifts, and don’t forget that Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light. (If you want to learn how to stop doing it alone in your children’s ministry, check out presentations by Melissa MacDonald, Ryan David Sims, & Bethany Adams at The Small Church KidMin + Youth Ministry Conference).

MISTAKE #2: Not Developing Children & Teens As Disciples And Leaders

Just like adults, children love to share their gifts, feel significant, and make a difference! Getting their insight, using their talents, and highlighting their uniquenesses not only helps them grow in leadership, but also helps you develop disciples who stick around. Wonder why so many Christian adults are happy sitting in church and NOT getting out of the pews to serve? Often it’s because that’s how they got to know Jesus. So, get your kids invested early instead, and watch what happens as they grow! (To learn more about helping children to BE the church, and not just COME to church, don’t miss RJ Stevenson, yours truly, & Angel Marks at The Small Church KidMin + Youth Ministry Conference.)

MISTAKE #3: Using The Wrong Resources

Would you ever put a bicycle tire on a car? Of course not! It wouldn’t work because it’s not designed to work that way! We need to quit using the wrong resources in small churches. Too many small church children’s ministries are purchasing resources and planning events that were never designed for small churches! Small church children’s ministry is different –– we have unique things to offer and unique challenges. (To grab hold of strategies that actually work in small churches, check out The Small Church KidMin + Youth Ministry Conference presentations by Don Joel, Christen Clark, & Horace Christian, Jr.)


We’ve got you covered if you serve in a small church and are ready to make a change!

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