Last year I attended a class at my church that focused on how to walk in the freedom Christ has given us through taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. One of the topics we hit on was the importance of speaking blessings and truth over ourselves, using Scripture as a way to remind ourselves of our identity, worth, and purpose. For parents, this habit extends to your children too. Speaking a blessing over your child allows them to understand their worth and begin to walk in the identity Christ has for them. Blessings give children the opportunity to hear affirmation from their parents while connecting that earthly need for acceptance and love with a spiritual level of acceptance and love.

Sound intimidating or just plain awkward? It doesn’t have to be! Speaking a blessing can be as simple as reading Scripture over them or connecting through physical touch. Here are 3 easy steps to speaking blessings over your children.

1. Meaningful Touch. Begin by connecting with your child through appropriate physical touch – a hug, a hand on their shoulder, or simply holding hands. Allow this touch to focus your attention on your child and affirm your love for them in a nonverbal way. It doesn’t have to be long; just create the initial attachment through physical contact that will pave the way for verbal communication.

2. A Spoken Message. So often, parents believe the myth that physical presence is enough, but don’t leave your children to fill in the blanks on their own. Use words, aloud or in writing (or both), to ascribe value and worth to your child. This message can be words of your own or taken from Scripture.

3. Attaching High Value. Not sure what to say or write? By definition, the word “blessing” implies approval, value, and love. Communicate specific praise to your child, being careful to praise qualities rather than behaviors. Too often we rely on generic encouragement, but pointing out exactly what you find worthy in your children will make them feel special and unique. In short, you’re helping a child understand that you see things in his or her life today that make the child special and of great value to you.

Try it out!

Speak this blessing over your child... (Child's name), may you always know that you are deeply loved, by me and by God. (Child's name), always remember that there is nothing you could do that would make me stop loving you, and nothing can separate you from God's love (Romans 8:38-39).

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