Use these 3 games with any memory verse to help the kids in your ministry hide God’s Word in their hearts while building relationships, working on teamwork, and having fun! Find even more memory verse games (12 in all) here!

#1 – Pins & Pans: Students must clip clothespins around a pie pan in the correct order of the memory verse! Before class, write the scripture reference in the middle of your aluminum pie pans. Then write words from the verse on clothespins – one word per clothespin. Repeat this with a different color marker on the other pie pan. Separate and place two sets of the Bible verse on opposite sides of a table at the front of your room. Choose two students to start. On “go,” players will race to the front and see who can clip the Bible verse words in correct order around the pan. Continue play, allowing the winner of each round to be challenged by a new player, or make it a relay race, allowing kids to place the pins around the pan one word at a time.

#2 – Verse Scramble: Print the verse as a word scramble (each word has the letters scrambled out of order) on a piece of paper and see who can be the first to unscramble it. For larger groups, divide your class into groups and give each group the scrambled verse printed out on paper. The first team to unscramble the words and say the memory verse wins a prize!

Here’s an example from the Take a Knee 4-week series that teaches kids about humility! Learn more about this series (and the 12 free memory verse games that come with it) here.

#3 – Bible Verse Relay: Read the verse together with your class several times. Divide the children into two teams. Give each team a Bible and a marker. Attach one piece of paper per team to the wall. The first child runs to the paper, writes the first word of the verse and runs back. He hands the marker to the second child, who writes the second word. Continue until the verse and reference are written. If a team member needs to look at the verse, they can look it up in the Bible, but that will take extra time. The first team to finish wins!

Want even more memory verse games like these? Download the 12 memory verse games resource on its own or as part of any curriculum series from the Legacy Curriculum shop on the DKM Marketplace!

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