I just found out about a brand new resource from Family Ministry Tools that helps kids and families not only understand what Advent is but also spend time preparing for the coming of Jesus together.

Advent in a Box is a small box with a big impact. You download the printables from Family Ministry Tools, order the necessary supplies, pack your boxes, then distribute them to the families in your ministry to use at home all December long.

Each download includes start-up instructions, printable labels for the boxes, and all of the printables you need to include. To make life easier, they’ve even included an Amazon shopping list for you with all of the necessary items for each box. With Advent in a Box, the planning and thinking are done for you; you just have to do the organizing.

Here’s what I like about this resource:

  • It’s downloadable & scalable. Because you download all the files, you can create as many or as few of these boxes as you want.
  • It’s affordable. The downloads are well-priced for what you receive, and the contents of each box (when bought in bulk for multiple families) comes out to around $5 a box.
  • It’s easy. I already mentioned the Amazon shopping list, but there’s also a supplies checklist to help you make sure each box gets exactly what it needs.
  • It’s missional. Advent in a Box is designed to not only help families talk with each other but also to talk with others and find ways to “shine their light” in their community. There’s even an option to do a Reverse Advent Box where families fill a box with donated supplies and return it to the church for a missions project.

  • It’s interactive. A lot of Advent resources I’ve seen have just discussion questions, but this one includes a hands-on activity, an interactive prayer activity, family conversation starters, a weekly challenge, an Advent Candle Craft, a story, AND Scripture readings for each week, so there are lots of ideas for families to use. You can see samples of some of these items here.
  • It’s flexible. In one box, families have everything they need for the whole month, and they can complete the activities at their own pace. There’s no pressure to do one thing every day or even complete all the activities each week. Families get to choose what works best for them.

The only thing I would change about this resource is I wish the download came in both pdf and customizable form so I could add my own flair or include references to what we are doing on Sundays. 

Other than that, I think it’s a great resource to share with your families this Advent season! Find out more details and order your own Advent in a Box here.


*I received a free copy of Advent in a Box in exchange for an honest review.

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