Use this All About Me Printable to help kids record facts and details about who they are now, and check out how I used this printable in a small group activity from the Movin’ On Up Promotion Sunday Lesson on Luke 2:41-52.

Supplies: All About Me sheets (for younger kids), notebook paper, pens, envelopes

Detailed Instructions:

Invite the children to sit in a circle so you can give instructions before passing out materials.

Say: Today we are talking about growing up. Who can tell me the 4 ways Jesus grew in Luke 2:41-52 and the 4 ways we grow too? (mentally, physically, spiritually, socially)

Say: Very good! Remember that growing in those ways takes time, so we may not see growth day to day. But over time, we can see it!

Say: Today you will write a letter to yourself in the future. You’ll put it in an envelope, seal it up, we’ll give it to (children’s pastor’s name), and he’ll/she’ll pass them out next year! You’ll be able to see how much you’ve grown!

Older kids – Say: I’m going to give you each a piece of paper and I want you to write a letter to yourself 1 year from now. What do you want to do this next year? What do you hope to have learned? What do you think God will teach you? You can also draw a picture of yourself on your letter. Think about these questions as you write your letter. When you’re done, seal it in the envelope and write your first and last name on the envelope.

Younger kids – Say: I’m going to give you each an “All About Me” sheet and we’re going to fill it out. You can draw pictures and write your answers. When we are done, we will fold it and put it in an envelope to open next year!

If there is more time, have the kids share what they wrote about in their letters/all about me sheets with the group.

This free printable & activity comes included in the Movin’ On Up Promotion Sunday lesson. Find more details and download your own copy of Movin’ On Up here.

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