Share this list of fun fall family activities with the families in your ministry to do at home, or incorporate them as part of your in-person fall event! A lot of these ideas, printables, and more are included in our Not So Spooky Night at Home Fall Fest Take-Home Kit for families, and you can learn more about this resource here.

Family Costume Contest – Everyone put on a costume! Find a costume you have already or create one using things you find around the house. Take a family picture in your costumes and post on social media, asking people to vote on which costume they think is the best! Don’t forget to tag our church in the picture too!

Monster Mash Freeze Dance – With a grown-up’s help, look up the song “Monster Mash” on YouTube or your favorite music streaming service. Listen to the song and play Monster Mash Freeze Dance! Play the music and everyone dance around. Randomly pause the music, and everyone must freeze! Keep playing and pausing (and dancing and freezing) until the song is over.

Pumpkin Patch Memory Verse – Print out several small pumpkins. Write one word from a memory verse on each pumpkin and mix the pumpkins up. Complete a pumpkin patch by placing the pumpkins in the correct order of your fall memory verse. Mix the pumpkins up and see if you can do it even faster!

Candy Memory Match – Create your own set using real candy wrappers, or print and cut our free candy memory patch printable. Spread out the cards and lay them face down. Each person flips over two cards at a time to try and match all of the candy wrappers!

Not So Spooky Tic-Tac-Toe – Use small pieces of candy to play a few rounds of tic-tac-toe. Winner gets to eat a piece of candy!

Pin the Spider on the Web  – Create or purchase your own version of the game, or download our version here, then grab something to use as a blindfold (bandana, tie, mask, etc.) and some tape. Hang the spider web poster on the wall, then play just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with a fall twist!

Pumpkin Decoration – Use stickers, markers, or paint to make some not so spooky pumpkins! Decorate real pumpkins or print-out versions, then place them on your front porch or around the house.


Halloween Bible Bingo – Halloween Bible Bingo combines the fun of Bingo and learning Scripture! Kids will enjoy playing the game and getting to read from the Bible. As you call a card, take time to have kids look up the Bible verse, read it together, and discuss. A friend of mine is even considering using this game as a countdown to Halloween! Each day, they’ll draw a calling card, look up the verse, and place it on their Bingo board. The first person to a Bingo earns an extra piece of candy! Download a set of Halloween Bible Bingo here.

Fall Coloring Pages – Find some fun fall coloring pages and print them out. Color and decorate your coloring pages, then hang them up somewhere in your house. On Friday, we’ll share some free, faith-based, fall coloring pages from our Treat Street To Go Family Kit!

Sweet Verses – As you enjoy your candy this fall, use that time to read the Bible too! Use our Sweet Verses Printable (updated version included in the Not So Spooky Night at Home Kit), our Sweet Thoughts Candy Devotions, or make up your own candy devotions!

Carving Out Time for Jesus – Help your children learn how to spend time with Jesus! Carving Out Time With Jesus is a 4-week devotional resource that provides devotions and activities for kids and families. This resource for families teaches kids the importance of spending time with Jesus. It focuses on reading the Bible, prayer, worship music, and going to church. Learn more here.

What fall family fun activity would you add to this list? 

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