My favorite part of any conference is singing worship. I love being in a room with other children’s ministry leaders, singing praise to the God we serve and introduce kids to. This time is so sweet because worship is often something that children’s ministry leaders don’t get to do very often. We’re with the kids during Sunday morning worship, and even if it’s a family service, we probably have responsibilities to think about. We may lead worship in the kids area, but we rarely have the opportunity to focus completely on the words and object of our worship.

At the last conference I attended, the song below was an impactful one during one of our times of worship. We so often point children to God that we sometimes forget we are children of God ourselves. I’m praying you take time today to reflect and remember that while you may be a minister of God, you are a child of God first. And there is a place for you in our Father’s house because of who you are, not because of what you do as a ministry leader. Rest in that freedom.

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