Did you know that December 9 is an official holiday called “Christmas Card Day”? Who knew!? It’s celebrated in honor of the very first commercial Christmas cards that were sent in 1843 in London by Sir Henry Cole.

And while it very well could be a holiday that Hallmark added to our calendars to boost their own sales, the spirit of the day remains true. The tradition of sending a little Christmas cheer to family and friends is a sure way to brighten someone’s holiday season.

So how can you celebrate Christmas Card Day as a children’s ministry leader? 

  1. Send Christmas cards! 2020 is the perfect year to send Christmas cards to your families, especially if you’re back/still in quarantine. It’s an easy way to connect with families and let kids know you miss them. (Psst – we’ve made this one super easy for you! Download our “We miss you!” Christmas designs here and you can print your own cards or order them online!)
  2. Better yet – make your own Christmas cards! Tell your kids and families about the holiday and encourage kids to make and send their own Christmas cards to family and friends. You could even pull out all of your leftover craft supplies from the year and offer a socially-distanced card-making party!
  3. Send an e-card. Even if you don’t send physical greeting cards to your families and volunteers, a simple e-card can do the trick too! Use it as a way to send holiday greetings + share about your upcoming Christmas and Christmas Eve events.
  4. Find another way to spread some Christmas cheer. Whether it’s through a text to a volunteer you haven’t seen in a while, a phone call to a family that’s quarantining, or a box of cookies left on your pastor’s porch, do something to help make someone’s day merry and bright.
  5. Pray through old letters and Christmas cards. If you’re the type of person who saves every Christmas card or letter you get, look back through all that you’ve collected, and spend time praying for the people who sent them. If you don’t keep old Christmas cards, you could scroll through Facebook and pray for the people and posts you see! (Just be careful not to get distracted by this one!)

Want to send some Christmas cards to your families at church? We just released these “We Miss You” Christmas designs you can print-in house or order online! Download the 4 designs here.

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