This week, I’m teaming up with the authors over at Kid-tivity Books to offer our followers a giveaway! Kid-tivity Books provides beautifully designed resources to help kids and families engage with Biblical truths, and this week, we’re giving away a free copy of their most popular Christmas resource, Confusing Christmas, to one lucky winner! It’s the perfect gift for families at Christmas!

Order a single physical copy here, or download the digital version to print unlimited copies for your families here!

I got my hands on a digital copy of Confusing Christmas, and this 30-page activity book teaches kids the Christmas story through interactive activities, a unique family story, and coloring pages! In this book that’s perfect for ages K-5th grade, follow Zach and Meesha as they discover the true story of Christmas, with an original Christmas story, fun activities, and puzzles all intended to keep kids engaged and entertained this Christmas season.

My favorite activities include:

  • Finish the Picture: Kids are invited to “fill the night sky with angels” and complete the picture!
  • Beautiful coloring pages that complement both the Biblical Christmas story and the story within the book itself
  • Census worksheet – helps kids understand what a census is and make the story personal!
  • Bonus Activities! If the first 25+ pages weren’t enough, there’s even a page of bonus activities at the end!

Congrats to Zannah in KS, our giveaway winner! What did she have to do to be entered to win? 

1) Like & follow BOTH Deeper KidMin and Kid-tivity Books on Facebook. (Check us out here and here on Instagram too!)

2) Comment on this Facebook post with the answer to the question below before Thursday, December 5 at midnight:

What is your favorite Christmas activity or event to do in your kidmin? 

3) Stick around Friday, December 6 for us to announce the winner! My friends at Kid-tivity books will send you a physical copy of the book ASAP.

Didn’t win the giveaway? Download a digital copy to make unlimited copies for your families here. Order a single physical copy of the book on Amazon here, and look into bulk pricing for every family in your ministry here.

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