Last week we shared a couple of Christmas Volunteer Appreciation Ideas that would really wow your team. This week, we’re sharing some equally amazing gifts, but for a smaller budget. Each download even comes in multiple color options!

1. Your volunteers have warmed your hearts, so you can warm their hands! 

What you need: Hand Warmers (make your own or buy these in bulk), Deeper KidMin Pocket Hand Warmers Printable, assembly supplies (twine, ribbon, bows, etc.) Optional: Avery 5395 Labels for easy assembly – just print, peel, and stick on the hand warmers packets!

Price point: ~$1 per volunteer (hard to beat that)

We even made our own hand warmers one year by filling flannel, microwave-safe fabric pockets with mint-infused rice! Pop them in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, and then keep them in your pockets for ultimate warmth! They were a lot of work, but our volunteers felt so loved!

2. Continuing with the hand theme, let your volunteers know you’re thankful for their helping hands. 

What you need: mini hand-sanitizers (Bath and Body Works has a set of 5 for just $6, and they’re Christmas-themed), Deeper KidMin Helping Hands Printable, and Glue Dots

Price point: ~$2 per volunteer

3. Remind them that they are the “balm” this Christmas season. (Everybody loves a good pun). 

What you need: Lip Balm, Chapstick, or (if you really want to get fancy) Burt’s Bees Chapstick, Deeper KidMin You’re the Balm Printable, and Glue Dots (seriously if you don’t have Glue Dots, it’s time to invest in them)

Price point: ~$3 per volunteer

Happy Appreciating, and Merry Christmas!

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