Use this fun game to help teach Bible skills to kids. Can be used with any set of Books of the Bible cards or check out the Bible Skills Sheep download for printable Books of the Bible Sheep (plus more game ideas!).

Prep: Write a book of the Bible on different index cards or individual sheep shapes. Use a different color index card/sheep shape color per team.

Play: Divide your kids into teams. Place all cards/sheep in a pile on stage, in a basket, or in a hula hoop. Have each team send one member at a time to retrieve a card/sheep of their color and take it back to their team. As they retrieve cards/sheep one at a time, teammates can begin to place their cards/sheep in order. The goal of the game is to be the first team to retrieve all of their cards/sheep and line them up in order.

Variation: Hide cards/sheep around the room and have whole teams hunt for their cards/sheep at one time. Once they have found all of their cards/sheep then they can place them in order.

Tip: Use only one testament or one division for a quicker game.

Don’t want to make your own Books of the Bible Sheep? Check out the Bible Skills Sheep download in the DKM Marketplace!

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