As we head into a new year, you might be looking for new and creative ways to engage kids with the gospel. Check out this week’s blog post from Rosemary Winbush, one of our DKM Vendors, about how to not only think outside the box, but how to EXPAND the box when it comes to creativity in children’s ministry: 

More than ever before, there is a need in Children’s Ministry for more innovative ways to reach children and enhance the ministry we provide for them. It’s getting harder and harder for children to hear the Word of God, so we must become more resourceful to get the job done. The global call to children’s ministry has not changed, but the ways we do it need change. We have all heard of the saying ‘think outside the box,’ but in the future, let’s not only think outside the box; let’s EXPAND THE BOX. Let’s allow our minds to swim in the pools of creativity, innovation, and future-forward thinking to expand the boundary in the ways we approach children’s ministry. Finding creativity is only a deeper look from within. You see, creativity exists at a deeper level in all of us, and the way we excavate it is up to us.

Here are three quick jump-starters to help us EXPAND THE BOX where creativity flourishes to bring about greater change and influence in children’s ministry.

  1. Power up to Dream God’s Way: Asking God to give us dreams and a vision to reach children His way is number one. God is THE Creator, and we can all agree what He does is THE greatest! God has given us the ability to work in partnership with Him to fulfill His plan and purpose for children. When we focus on God’s way to establish ministry for children, we are afforded the downloads necessary to be successful in ministry. As God shows us His way, we can see with a greater capacity. The more we see the more we can see; this is where our deeper level of creativity comes from. Staying connected to God can give us a clear channel to receive new ways of doing things in children’s ministry.
  2. Collaborate with Intention: Who we talk to in children’s ministry matters! Voices of experience, engagement, education, and enthusiasm in children’s ministry generally lean toward those who are excellent at creative problem-solving. When we become efficient at solving problems, innovation and creativity are present. Measuring where we are as it relates to this concept will allow us to self-check our own mindset. Do we consider ourselves a collaborative voice that brings problem-solving value to the community of children’s ministry? Whatever the answer, the challenge to become better is ever present and we owe it to ourselves and the children we serve not to let anything hold us back. So, connect with the right voices and become one of the right voices who generate ideas of creativity in the community of children’s ministry. Remember, gaining more experience, becoming more engaged, getting better educated, and having greater enthusiasm for the cause of children’s ministry positions us to advance the kingdom in the lives of kids and families.
  3. Take Fear and Uncertainty out of the Equation: Doing something that’s never been done before can be daunting and fearful. Being uncertain of the outcome or how others will respond can sometimes paralyze new ideas. Taking fear and uncertainty out of the equation equals possibility. We will never experience the rewards of taking risks unless we exercise bravery. Take heart and trust God with being the box. There are great things that come from a box… something we never had before, something new, something exciting, something we can use, something we always wanted but maybe couldn’t get on our own, an unexpected gift, something beneficial, or something we’ve been waiting for. When we become the creator of something new, it will serve a purpose and take us and others to places we have never been before. We can be excited instead of fearful about what God has in store for the newness of children’s ministry.

We need God for His divine ways of creativity. We need others for collaborative ideas to generate creativity. We need to believe in what God has given us to build and strengthen the ministry to children without fear and uncertainty. After all, it’s God who called us, it’s God who equips us, and there is no failure in Him. We can leave our imprint and impact by creating new ways to do things in children’s ministry.  Go ahead… walk in children’s ministry legacy and EXPAND THE BOX this year.

Author Bio: A former Pastor of Children and Preteen Ministry at her local church, Rosemary Winbush is a 30+ year children’s ministry veteran. She has dedicated her life to support children and their families in the church and community. Rosemary is a speaker, author, leader, and trainer (S.A.L.T.) and strives to help others in BUILDING BETTER LIVES. She and her husband, Wyman, are business partners, married for 33 years, have three adult children and one awesome granddaughter. Rosemary enjoys being with her family, writing, traveling, walking, and ministry. Learn more about Rosemary here and find her DKM resources here.

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