Use this activity in your small groups to invite kids to hunt for the empty egg (like the empty tomb), and complete actions along the way!

Supplies: 14 empty plastic eggs, Empty Egg Hunt Printable (page 3 of this free download), Easter basket

Prep: Print and cut the Empty Egg Hunt Printable, putting one action slip into each plastic egg, or create 13 of your own action slips. Leave the last egg empty.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Ask: Why was the tomb empty on Easter morning? (let children respond: because Jesus is alive!)
  2. Ask: What would have done if you came to the tomb and found it empty? (let children respond)
  3. Say: Those are great responses! We’re going to play a game today to help us remember the empty tomb.  
  4. Show children the basket with Easter eggs. Explain that each egg has instructions to follow, but one egg is empty.
  5. One at a time, let children pull an egg out, open it, and complete the instructions on the egg on their own or as a whole group. Continue pulling eggs one at a time until the empty egg is found.
  6. The child who finds the empty egg – just like the empty tomb – is the winner and should shout “Christ is risen!” when he/she finds the empty egg.
  7. Restart the game each time the empty egg is found, changing which egg is the empty one so kids don’t memorize the color of the empty egg. Continue play as time allows.

Optional variation: Hide the eggs around the room and encourage children to hunt for the eggs.

This small group game is from the Play Station in Week 3 of the Squeaky Clean Easter unit. Read more about a station rotation model here, and learn more details about the 4-week Squeaky Clean Easter unit here.

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