As Easter draws near and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, you may be wondering what to do about your Easter Egg Hunt in this time of social distancing and quarantines. Here are a few alternative egg hunt ideas to help you and your families celebrate Easter, and check out all of our COVID-19 ministry resources here.

  1. You’ve Been Egged (Free Printable here!) – We adapted this from an Easter Egg Hunt invite to a family activity! It’s simple, it’s cheap (you only need some colored paper and plastic Easter eggs), and most importantly, it’s so fun! Print & copy this free download, adding in details about your church Easter services (online or in person) in the space provided. Then leave the printable on a family’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run! Kids hunt for the empty egg in the yard, then “egg” their friends’ houses, encouraging everyone to remember and celebrate the empty tomb. 
  2. Neighborhood Egg Hunt – This idea requires neighborhood involvement, but it’s so fun! Encourage families to hang a printable/poster of an Easter egg on their front doors. They could even have kids cut and color the Easter egg sign out of poster or even printer paper (craft time!). Then, as families walk around the neighborhood, they can “hunt” for the eggs on the front doors of their neighbors and see how many they can find. Find 5 free egg coloring sheets here!
  3. Chalk Your Walk – The Chalk Your Walk Initiative started as a way to spread positive messages during this crazy time, and we can use it for Easter to share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection! Similar to the idea above, invite families in the neighborhood to “chalk their walk” with Easter eggs and Easter messages. Then families can hunt for the eggs in the driveways and on the sidewalks as they walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Go online! – As you host your online Easter services (keeping these 5 tips in mind), include an egg hunt! As you read the Bible story or teach the lesson, have someone hold up an egg poster behind you at various times throughout the lesson. Or if you’re pre-recording the lesson, have an egg graphic pop up on the screen at random times. Encourage kids to count the number of times they see an egg while you teach!
  5. Send the egg hunt home! Send eggs and your planned activities home with families to do on their own, with a little lesson or devotional time to go with it. Here are a few ideas for sending the egg hunt home:

This printable resource to share with families invites kids to hunt for the empty egg (like the empty tomb), read the Resurrection story, and complete actions along the way! Learn more here.

Create take-home kits to share with your families so they can have their very own glow in the dark egg hunt + Easter family devotion at home! Learn more here.

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