Usually, you’re worn out by now because of all the excitement and energy that goes into prepping (or completing) VBS, but this summer, you might be exhausted for a completely different reason.

Maybe you’ve finally got the hang of the technology you need to host Zoom calls and FaceBook Lives, but that doesn’t mean it takes any less energy to be engaging over video.

Maybe you feel like your creativity is spent when it comes to games that are Zoom-friendly. (We can help with that! See our best online-friendly games here.)

Maybe you’re wrestling with your own understanding of racial injustice and aren’t sure how to equip your families to move toward racial reconciliation too.

Maybe you’re driving all over town to deliver Summer Fun Packs to every family since you can’t yet meet in person.

Maybe you’re in the midst of reopening and you’re trying to wrap your mind around what returning to church means for your children’s ministry.

Maybe you’re exploring family services and working hard to convince your staff and senior pastors about the importance of engaging, not just occupying, kids in family worship.

Maybe it’s been 3 months since you’ve seen the kids you serve, who are a big part of why you enjoy children’s ministry in the first place.

Maybe you’re just worn out from feeling the pressure to connect with families in new ways, while also trying to figure out what life looks like for your own family.

If no one’s told you this lately, you’re doing a great job, kidmin leader. 

One verse that God has put on my heart and in my mind this season is Esther 4:14…

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal [ministry] position for such a time as this?”

You are in your role, at your church, leading your kids and families during this crazy season of ministry for a reason, and God placed you there during this time because He knew you would be exactly what your church needed. While the pandemic may have caught us off-guard, it was not a surprise to God. 

Be encouraged today, friends. I know you’re worn down. I know you feel creatively drained. I know you just want to see your kids again so you can give them a high five or a hug. Hang in there. God has led you to your position for such a time as this, and He will continue to be faithful through it.

On Friday, we’ll share a free printable activity that helps kids develop the habit of encouragement by challenging them to encourage others this summer in a variety of ways. Stay tuned!

And because we know ministry looks drastically different in this season, we want to help. Explore all of our COVID-19 ministry resources here.

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