I had a great response to my giveaway of Home Grown, the new book from the KidMin Nation Library. To be entered to win, KidMin leaders from across the globe had to answer one question:

What is one way you equip the parents in your ministry to be spiritual leaders in their homes?

And the responses were excellent! Both rookie and veteran leaders shared their thoughts, and their honesty, vulnerability, and creativity blew me away! So I wanted to share some of the answers leaders posted, and I hope they spark ideas and creativity for you too.

This is something that’s been pulling strong at my heart here lately. I’m a brand new children’s ministry director and unfortunately, there’s never been a plan of action to equip parents. This is something I would love to implement asap. Thank you so much for the blessed opportunity to win this great resource! – Sharayah in Ohio

There are so many practical ideas and tips about equipping parents, but I truly believe all of that rests upon the relationship you build with them. We must be friends, and any pastoral presence in I have in their lives comes out of that friendship. So the first way I equip parents is by having the whole family over for tacos. – Heidi in Georgia

I am currently posting a daily Easter reading with prayer prompt encouraging parents to spend a few minutes as a family preparing their hearts for Easter. I also regularly ask my parents how they’re doing and if there is anyway I can help them in life (trying to build those bonds.) Although, I have mostly apathetic parents who don’t believe that God has a place outside of church hours. *sigh* But, I just keep on trying. – Stephanie in Florida

I give parents resources from the curriculum that inform them of the lesson we did that day and how to carry the conversations home. I also just have a Holy Week family devotional to help. I feel that starting with simple ways to equip them is helpful in the beginning- and encouraging them with what they are already doing! – Rachel in Massachusetts

Need so much work in this area! Currently, we only offer a parent class at the same time as our Sunday School. – Chandra in Texas

We provide parenting books and resources during our baby dedications. As well, we try to host parent nights with relevant topics for parents during our church conference that we run. – Shawna in Canada

Discipleship. Partnering with parents and staying involved with the families and the families staying involved with the church’s kidmin. – Matt

At the moment it is just having parents enjoy each others company over some coffee and snacks while the kids are in Sunday school class. Looking at various options and ways equip the parents. – Goosen

I created a private Facebook group only for parents of our kids. I post articles, I ask questions, I post a weekly update on upcoming Sunday lesson with tips for extending learning at home, I do video book reviews and object lessons. – Tracy in New York

I have a FB Page that I post what we did that week so they can talk about it with their kids. – Shelley in Kentucky

Providing parents with devotions to do at home as a family. Writing newsletter articles with practical tips on how to lead their children. Spending time with parents through small groups to understand their needs. – Ashlea in Indiana

We currently provide a newsletter as well as Parent Cue from our curriculum. Prayer, of course, but I want more for them! – LaDonna in Indiana

Equipping parents has been a huge weight weighing on my heart for some time now. I’ve started sending a paper home with notes from our Sunday morning, the memory verse, and discussion points. This is only a beginner me but we all need to start somewhere. – Natalie in Novia Scotia

Every teacher, Pastor and volunteers at our church understand the importance of pouring into every family but we specifically and strategically provide the parents encouragement, counseling, resources, parenting techniques, parents night out, family fun events (zumba night, game board nights) to enocourage a positive interaction and communication with the family structure without technological distraction. Our children’s pastor’s vision includes reaching out and pouring into every parent, or guardian. It’s an intregal part of our ministry. – Sandra in Florida

Emailing parents with what the kids have learned during Sunday school and kids church. This gives them ideas of what questions to ask and how to dig deeper into what they are learning. – Dana in Ohio

Our church has not been doing this well. I started as CP about a year ago, and would love to learn to better equip parents to be the primary discipler of their children. I share articles on social media, send takeouts home after lessons, and send home holiday devotional kits I make. I need to pray more and work on this area. – Brenda

We are offering parent and grandparent bible studies, we also host parent meetings and cover a certain topics children are facing. Wish we could do more, definitely getting this book no matter what! – Sarah in Kentucky

We host a quarterly family night where we discuss ways to help them become the spiritual leaders in there home. Last quarter was on prayer. – Erzaline in Ohio

I send a weekly email with information about what is going to be taught/covered in the lesson the following Sunday so that they can introduce the story/point to their kids during the week. – Stacey in California

Through encouragement and a dedication to stand beside them. I also do a monthly newsletter outlining what we are doing and when to include in children’s church, Sunday school, etc. In hopes that it helps them in being active members in their child’s development in the Christian faith. – Aaron in Kentucky

We send parent guides home with curriculum units & utilize parenting institute classes. – Jessica

I feel inadequate to answer the question you posed but I can’t wait to read this book!! I did hand out an Advent Family Devo and an Easter Family Devo for those holidays . Thanks Deeper Kidmin for all your inspiration and advice!! – Beth in Maryland

A monthly newsletter mailed to every home. – Whitney

The main takeaways? Build relationships, communicate often, provide opportunities for connection, and keep pursuing this goal, even when you feel inadequate. Whether you’re feeling like a rockstar or a rookie in this challenge of equipping parents to be spiritual leaders in their homes, I hope this post reminds you that you’re not alone and you’re on the right track. Even just thinking about what you are doing now is a step in the right direction, so keep it up! A special thanks to everyone who participated in the free giveaway, and congrats to Chandra for winning a free copy of the book!

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