Why Glow Night? Halloween is a holiday that has often been controversial for the church. Despite its origins and some of the unchristian activities connected with the day, it is a great opportunity to reach out into our communities! And rather than asking families to come to you for a Fall Fest or Trunk or Treat, what if you went to them?

On Halloween night – regardless of the size of the town you live in – families, especially those with young children, are out and about. Some of them will be knocking on the doors of members of your church family. It is a great time to be intentional to show God’s love to these families and glow with His light.

What is Glow Night? The main idea behind Glow Night is to have your church family outside its walls, loving your community intentionally on Halloween. This can look different in different settings but the three main components are:

(1) Being outside, somewhere in your community to connect with families
(2) Sharing great treats!
(3) Letting people know you are a church family that cares

Families in your church host stations (you could do 1 for the whole church or ask several families to host a station) in high-traffic-trick-or-treating areas. These stations could include treats like candy, goody bags, hot chocolate, hotdogs or BBQ, and of course glow sticks! Whatever treats you decide to use, be sure to give them out with a smile! Encourage the church members who participate to ask kids if they’re having a good night, what they’re dressed up as, if they’re getting lots of treats, etc. Engage parents as well – if people ask why you’re doing this, simply say you are a part of a church that loves your town and want to share that love.

Want to host a Glow Night in your community? Julia Ball, one of our amazing Marketplace Vendors, has made it easy for you! Click here to download a full package with social media graphics, event graphics, a planning guide, family devotional, printable posters, and instructions for participants.


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