Use this heart glasses craft to remind kids to look for God’s love this February & Valentine’s Day!

Supplies: Heart Glasses Printable (printed on heavy cardstock), glue, pipe cleaners, hole punch, decorating materials (washi tape, stickers, markers, glitter glue, stick-on jewels, etc.)

Details: Kids will cut out their glasses (or you pre-cut the glasses for them). Use the hole punch to punch a hole on either side of the glasses for the pipe cleaners. After they cut out their glasses, let kids decorate them using the materials you provide. To add the arms of the glasses, use 2 pipe cleaners. Take two (different colors is fun) and twist them together, then use scissors and cut the length of the twisted pipe cleaners in half. Curl one end in a large loop and the other in a small loop. Hook the small loop through the hole in glasses frame and the larger loop will hook over the child’s ears.

This craft is one of the 6 crafts included in the Parents’ Night Out: Valentine Edition Resource! Learn more about hosting this event your whole church will love here.

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