October means candy infiltrates the thoughts, minds, and dreams of kids as Halloween draws near. As candy fills the shelves and kids’ stomachs, I started thinking… what if our volunteers were candy bars?

Snickers – The volunteer who is sweet but firm (and a little bit nutty).

Nerds – The volunteer who has their very own laminator at home and comes fully prepared (even with extra activities) every Sunday.

Three Musketeers – This adventurous volunteer is up for anything! This is the one you contact when you need someone to drink a strange concoction or perform a random feat of courage on stage.

Tootsie Pops (how many licks?) – Quiet and reserved at first, this patient volunteer sticks around for the long-haul.

Skittles – This volunteer can do everything, and their skills span the rainbow. You can put them in any position, and they’ll shine!

M&M’s – The classic, dependable volunteer you can always count on in a pinch.

Sour Patch Kids – You’re not too sure how well this volunteer will relate to kids at first, then they surprise you as the kids’ favorite leader.

Gummy Bears – The volunteer who’s still a kid at heart.

Hershey Bar – The simple, easy-going volunteer who doesn’t ask a lot of questions.

Kit Kat – You can delegate responsibilities to this volunteer, and they’ll give you a break from being in charge.

Jolly Rancher – The volunteer who serves happily behind the scenes. They don’t get much attention, but you’re so thankful they’re there.

Do you have a full bag of candy volunteers on your team? What candy volunteers would you add to this list?

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