Whether you’re growing your team by recruiting volunteers or paid staff, you won’t get far without job descriptions for each role. Job descriptions not only help you communicate the needs of your ministry, but they also help ensure the people who fill those roles are the right fit! This week for Admin April, I’m sharing the job descriptions I’ve used for both paid and volunteer positions.

The download includes 8+ job descriptions for positions like the Children’s Ministry Director, an Assistant Children’s Ministry Director, a Nursery/Preschool Coordinator, a High School or Summer Intern, a Volunteer Coordinator, and specific volunteer teams. 

Why do I need job descriptions?

  • So people know what they’re getting into and there are no surprises when they serve with you.
  • So everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations.
  • They help you delegate
  • To help you and your team stay in your lane, which makes you more effective as a whole.
  • So you can better match people with the right position, which means you have higher volunteer retention rates! 

When making your own job descriptions or editing mine, include details like…

  • Job title
  • How often/when they serve (only on Sundays? Any prep work?)
  • Age requirements or restrictions
  • Main responsibilities and expectations
  • To whom they will report
  • Bigger picture – What role are they playing in your overall ministry and how do they contribute to the overall vision of your ministry?
  • Spiritual gifts or special skills that work well in this role

You can’t do ministry alone. So use these job descriptions to build your best team! Download the job descriptions as part of our Admin April Bundle here

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