One of my favorite things is watching leaders take a sad song take a Deeper KidMin resource and make it better! (Better, better, better, better!) Bethany in Idaho recently downloaded our Preschool Playdate: Brown Bag Fall Hunt.

Here’s what she said and how she’s making it even better…

“It’s a wonderful and easy-to-implement plan, but I wanted to add a spiritual element. So I’m going to introduce the event with this little speech:

When you make a something out of playdoh, what do you want people to say? “That’s beautiful! You did such a good job!” Or if you make a huge Lego tower, what do you want to people to say? “Wow, that’s the tallest lego tower I’ve ever seen! I love it!”

God made everything in the world. He loves it when we notice what a good job He did making things. Today we are going on a treasure hunt for some things that God made. When you find them, tell God what a good job He did on making those things!

When you find all the things on the list and put them in your paper bag, bring them back and you will get a very special prize, and some snacks!

Bethany plans to offer an Earth stress ball like this one so preschoolers can remember that God made everything in the world. What a great idea to add a simple spiritual element to a fun fall event for littles!

Here are some other ways leaders took a DKM resource and made it better:

We love hearing how you take our resources and turn them into a win for your ministry. Want to share how you’ve used a Deeper KidMin resource? Tell us the story here!

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OK, now I’m going to stop listening to “Hey Jude” on repeat. 🙂

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