Kelli, a kidmin leader in Texas, shared on Facebook about her “VIP” volunteer meeting and how she used several free downloads from Deeper KidMin to do it! She let me pick her brain on what the morning looked like, and agreed to let me share her thoughts so others could replicate this simple but effective time of connecting with your volunteers.

“VIP” stands for vision, information, and prayer, and she met with her volunteer team 15 minutes before they needed to be in their classrooms for Sunday morning. She plans to hold these VIP meetings on the first Sunday of each month and uses the time as a way to, you guessed it, cast vision, share information, and pray for the kids in the ministry. This time not only allows her volunteer team to connect with each other, but it provides an opportunity for them to share ideas for the ministry too!

Here’s a sample schedule of her 15-minute VIP meeting:

  • Good morning & welcome!
  • Video – Kelli used one of Ryan Frank’s videos to encourager her team
  • Today’s focus – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Encourage one another and build each other up.”
  • Pray for leaders and kids in preschool area, and K-6th grade area for Sunday School and Worship Service – Kelli passed out a copy of our free 14 Ways to Pray For Your Kids Printable to each volunteer for this time.
  • Goodies to go! – Kelli used our free Candy Appreciation Labels for these goodies, and she plans to use a different candy each time, so she’s set for the year!

Here’s what Kelli shared about the “why” behind these VIP meetings:

I felt that we were not being intentional about a dedicated prayer time for our kids and leaders in our Children’s Ministry. I also wanted people to have the opportunity to gather to interact with others that they might not otherwise see on a given Sunday (logistics of serving in different parts of the facility). I let the teachers know that I pray by name for everyone serving on a given Sunday. They appreciated knowing that. The fun goodies were definitely a hit, and they all were appreciative of them!”

We love how Kelli used our downloads in creative ways to create a special time for her team of volunteers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Kelli!

Want to host your own monthly VIP meeting? Some of these resources might help!

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