In a galaxy not so far, far away, ZonderKidz (a branch of Zondervan) just released a brand new Bible for children with a Star Wars theme that invites kids to “apprentice under the Ultimate Master himself – Jesus Christ”. In the May the Faith Be With You Bible, the colorful inserts invite kids to “use the force” of God’s Word in their everyday lives and look deeper into “master moments” that highlight God’s role as the Creator and Jesus’ role as Savior. Many of the inserts seem similar to inserts found in other ZonderKidz Bibles, just updated to fit the overall theme.

It includes the complete text of the NIrV version of the Bible, which takes the NIV and uses definitions for big words rather than the words themselves and is set at a 3rd grade reading level. I like using this version when teaching, but wouldn’t want it for a child’s Bible past the preteen years, so this Bible would have an “expiration date” past a certain age where a Bible in another version may not.

The May the Faith Be With You Bible is a very sturdy, hardback Bible that could survive the adventures of childhood. I can see children using it to help introduce God’s Word to their friends as the theme offers an easy starting point.

Features include:

  • A list of great Bible stories
  • Dictionary
  • Space images and intergalactic designs to pique interest and maintain the theme
  • Complete NIrV version of the Bible (3rd grade reading level; ages 6-10)
  • Colorful inserts to help kids with application, questions, and big ideas
  • Star Wars themed language and look
  • Sturdy, hard-back book

What I wish it had:

  • Red lettering for Jesus’ words – This may just be a personal preference, but I like seeing Jesus’ words written in red to show their distinction and importance.
  • Book descriptions – There are no introductions to the books of the Bible that give background information or main ideas. These intros don’t have to be long; even just a page for each book would help.
  • A little more in the text itself – Many children’s Bibles have small sections within the text to guide understanding or help with application. The only commentary or application portions of this Bible show up on the colored inserts that may or may not relate to the Scripture around it.

All in all, this Bible would be great for elementary-aged children who love Star Wars. It is similar to other children’s Bibles but definitely appeals to a specific niche of Star Wars fans.

Order your own copy of this Bible here.

*I received a free advanced reader’s copy of this Bible in exchange for sharing an honest review. Thanks to Handlebar Publishing for the opportunity.

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