As you’re planning and preparing worship activity bags to help kids engage in your family services, don’t forget to address the parents too!

Attending a worship service as a family might be brand-new territory for your families, and parents may feel anxious or nervous about their child(ren) being disruptive during the service. Use this week’s free download to help put parents at ease! For more resources to help prepare your families for an intergenerational service, check out our 5 practical tips for family worship, our Guide to Family Worship resource, and our online ministry training all about including (not just occupying) kids in a family service!

Use the full-page PDF to email the card to families before your family services start. Print and laminate the full page version or the 1/4-page version and post them in your worship space to remind families and help them feel welcome.

I first saw this idea on Facebook from Hamburg FUMC in Arkansas several years ago and finally created my own!


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