Give parents a break!

This Valentine’s Day, give the parents in your ministry a night out without the kids. Host a Parents’ Night Out (PNO) where you have youth or empty nesters watch the children while their parents enjoy 4 hours of children-free time. You basically throw one big party for the kids, use youth as your volunteers, and the parents have a night out for dinner and a movie, running errands, or just relaxing at home with no kids!

We always offer the event for free, but we encourage donations and put the donations toward the youth’s summer mission trips. The money collected is divided up evenly among all of the students who serve and is placed as a donation in their specific mission trip accounts with the church. Each time, students have received at least $50 (often more) for just 4 hours of fun!

This is also a great first experience event for new families. I like to encourage our ministry parents to invite some of their unchurched friends out on a double date and recommend their children join us too.

As parents picked up their kids at the end of the night, the most common question I had was: “When is the next one?” So we made PNO’s a seasonal event and planned them for Christmas, the summer, and Mother’s Day too! Overall, it’s a win-win-win-win event. 

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