Help kids see the books of the Bible from a cool new (sciency) visual perspective! A fun take on the books of the Bible, this resource is meant to be hung in the style of the scientific periodic table of elements and can be used in a variety of ways to promote Biblical literacy! 

Ways to Use This Resource:

1. Decoration – Hang this in your church as a reference to use during lessons. When you refer to stories, point out which book of the Bible it comes from.

2. Book Sorting Game – Shuffle up the Old Testament and New Testament books, separately. Hand one sheet to each kid, and have them put the Old Testament, then the New Testament books in order. Review what the different colors mean for each one, and what the difference is between the Old Testament and New Testament.

3. Genre Sorting Game – Shuffle up all of the papers. Have them sort by genre and discuss what each genre means.

4. Character Naming – Lay out the books of the Bible in order. Give each kid a pack of sticky notes and have them name as many Bible characters as they can think of. When they are finished, have them place the characters where they think they go in the books of the Bible. Discuss if they placed them correctly, and how they fall in the story.

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