One of Deeper KidMin’s goals is to help you grow kids deeper in their relationships with Christ, but we must be growing deeper in our own faith as leaders too. To grow deeper as leaders, we have to identify and evaluate where our faith currently stands. This week’s freebie is a resource from LifeWay Christian resources that walks you through a spiritual assessment in 6 key areas: Abide in Christ, Live in the Word, Pray in Faith, Fellowship with Believers, Witness to the World, and Minister to Others.

This personal assessment tool helps you evaluate your spiritual growth in six disciplines described in The Disciple’s Cross in MasterLife by Avery Willis. It even provides actionable steps to strengthen weaker areas and an opportunity for evaluation by a trusted friend and fellow believer.

I used this spiritual growth assessment resource in one of my classes for seminary, and the assessment process was helpful in that in identified areas of weakness and placed areas of growth in tangible or visible ways. Based on my personal assessment results, my strongest categories were ministering to others, living in the Word (which is why this blog post makes so much sense), and abiding in Christ. Praying in faith was my lowest score, which challenged me to examine my prayer life and be more intentional about spending time in prayer and practicing trust. I liked the steps outlined in the spiritual growth assessment because it gave me practical goals to pursue as I work on developing all areas of my spiritual growth.

I encourage you to carve out 20-30 minutes to prayerfully consider and evaluate your own spiritual growth! You could even share it with your volunteer team or key leaders to use during a training event or staff retreat. The kids and families we lead depend on an intentional plan for our personal development as we help them grow deeper in their relationship with Christ too.

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