Because you chose to download resources from us here at Deeper KidMin in May, we were able to support our mission partners, Path Project, in their special Summer Fun Packs initiative! Like many of us, Path Project usually has camps, retreats, and more during the summer, which have all been canceled this year. So they created the Summer Fun Packs as a way to provide kids with resources to stay connected and have fun! We used a portion of our May sales to sponsor a Summer Fun Pack for 8 different kids in the Buford, Georgia community. THANK YOU for helping us make that possible! 

I was so excited to donate 8 Summer Fun Packs, and the more I looked into them, the more I thought, “Well hey, that’s a fun idea for children’s ministry leaders too!” So I reached out to the community director of the Buford location and asked her if we could share her incredible ideas and resources. She agreed!

Use the list below (and this free download with all the details) to create your own Summer Fun Packs to stay connected with the kids in your ministry! Here’s what Path Project plans to include in theirs, and here’s a free printable with ALL THE LINKS and specific details for each element! That means you’ll have a full month’s worth of weekly summer goodies for your kids that will help them connect with the church and their family. And let’s be honest, parents will thank you for providing something for the kids to do!

Path Project plans to deliver the Summer Fun Packs each week to their kids, and here’s what each pack will include:

  1. A devotional (Note: Path Project is using this Bible Superhero Devotional each week, and this Psalms devotional is great for older kids and preteens.)
  2. Fun reading materials
  3. An outdoor activity
  4. Craft project
  5. A family game
  6. A “just for fun” surprise!
  7. Summer printables
  8. A new Path Project T-shirt

For those of you who might be new around here, a portion of every sale on Deeper KidMin goes to support Path Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers children growing up in mobile home parks to find their path to high school graduation and God’s plan for their future. They have 6 locations in Georgia and 1 location in Tennessee. Our donations each month go to support the Buford, Georgia location, and you can see some of the sweet faces you’re impacting when you download from us here.

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