As we head into the new year with resolutions and Lent coming up, use this free object lesson to help kids understand that fasting is something people do that helps them give up so God can fill us up.

Set out an empty cup, a bowl, some sand, and a pitcher of water. Each time you talk about something that fills our lives, pour a little sand in the cup.

Say: This cup represents us. We fill our lives with things. We might fill our lives with friends or sports. (pour some sand into the cup) We might fill our lives with toys or clothes, music, our hobbies, our devices. (pour more sand into the cup) We can be really busy. Before we know it, our lives are full, (pour more sand into the cup until it is full) just like this cup is full of sand. 

Now let’s try to pour some water in the cup. The water represents God. (Hold the cup of sand over the bowl and pour water on it.) It’s full! How can we pour water in the cup when it’s so full? 

We might get so distracted by all the things in life that we think are important, but the most important thing is God. We’re going to talk about fasting to help us remember God and put Him first in our lives.

Fasting is something we learn about in the Bible and many people still do today. It is emptying ourselves and giving things up, so God can fill us up.

When we fast, we give up something that we don’t need, so we can focus on God. 

During fasting, we can increase our…

  • dependence on Him
  • faith
  • strength in the Lord as we resist and deny ourselves

(Pour out the sand, then pour water into the cup.)

When we get rid of some of the distractions in our lives, we make room for God to pour Himself into our lives and we can grow closer to Him. God will fill us with His love, His strength and His power.

Discuss: How would your relationship with God change if you made time to connect with Him and pray to Him every day?

This object lesson is an excerpt from a full-length lesson on Fasting for Kids. See the full lesson with Scripture verses, games, and take-home activities here.

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