Kids love to make noise. So why not tap into that loudness and use it to help kids learn the memory verse, the main point, or a simple truth about God? Use this week’s download to play a fun and easy game with kids that will have them SHOUTING what they’re learning!

Use this easy game with any memory verse or main point you want kids to learn!


Before class decide on some different voices or characters that children will have to imitate (see the free download for a list of ideas). Print or write out the voices or characters you decide on onto smaller pieces of paper, one on each paper. Then fold them and put them into a bowl to pull out one at a time.


  1. Divide into as many teams as you choose; this could even be an individual game if you prefer. Have teams each move to opposite sides of the room.
  2. Pull a piece of paper out of the bowl and announce the style in which each team will have to shout a phrase you choose (part of the memory verse, Psalm 100, “The Lord is Good,” etc.).
  3. After you have announced the style in which the teams have to shout, give them a minute to decide how they will accomplish this feat. The entire group does not have to shout every time; they can decide to perform as a group or just one or two members of the team.
  4. After the minute of planning, choose a team to shout first. (Go back and forth on which team goes first each time).
  5. The team that does the best shout with the style they were given takes a step toward the opposite side of the room.
  6. The next category is picked, and play continues in this manner until one team has made it across the room…and that team WINS!

This game is included as a small group activity during a lesson on Psalm 100 from the 8-week series Scavenger Hunt Through the Psalms. See a free sample lesson of this unit here and check out the full 8-week series here.

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