As you gear up for your annual fall volunteer training, it’s important to remember why you do it!

  1. It keeps volunteers in-the-know. Your annual training is the best place to connect with your volunteers and communicate updated policies, new expectations, and to make sure they’re prepared to serve your kids.
  2. It keeps your volunteers and your kids safe. By making sure that everyone is on the same page with policies and procedures, you can better prevent any safety issues.
  3.  You can celebrate what God has done this year and look forward to what He has in store next. When your whole team dreams and prays together, big things happen in little lives!
  4. Volunteers can make connections with other volunteers. This helps remind them that they’re not alone in ministering to kids, and it puts faces to names they may call as a sub later in the year.
  5. You can appreciate your volunteers! Between raffles, giveaways, and food, volunteer training is a great opportunity to shower your volunteers with gifts before the year even begins.

Need help pulling your volunteer training together? We’ve got resources to help!

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