There’s a handy little app that consolidates your top 9 Instagram posts from the year into one easy post, so as we head into 2019, I wanted to take a minute and celebrate the moments and posts you enjoyed most! (And you can create your own Top Nine image here.)

May 1 – Shared a review of this book on the blog today. If you have children or serve children, this is a great read! Read the full review here.

January 13 – “Thank you for the fantastic idea of Crew Cards. I love this idea. I have sent cards to kids over the years but I love the idea of getting my volunteers involved in the process.” -Tina in Cary, NC – The best part of this is that she took the original idea and made it better by laminating the instructions and making a whole bin!

Download your own Crew Cards instructions here.

September 24 – Sometimes you just need to color something, am I right?

March 12 – Look, Mom, I’m a published contributing author! Honored to be part of the very first book from the KidMin Nation Library! Check it out on Amazon today!

Read a review of Home Grown here, and check out the other books I’ve contributed to here!

April 2 – Happy Admin April! All month long I’ll share resources that help you rock the administrative responsibilities that come with being a kidmin leader. This week’s focus: behavior management. Stay tuned! (See all of the 2018 Admin April resources here, and stay tuned for Admin April 2019!)

February 5 – Coming Friday: Free Printable to make Volunteer Valentines! (Psst – grab that free printable here!)

October 10 – Mega-Con Connection: Tina Houser! Y’all. This lady right here is my hero! I’m constantly encouraged by her passion, creativity, and love for all things writing. One of my favorite moments was (literally) sitting at her feet and talking about editing and books with her. Thanks Tina for taking the time to chat with me!

October 5 – I only allow myself one book purchase at each conference (because self control) and this time the new book from @ryanfrank75 is the winner! Can’t wait to read and pray through this book!

Confession: I still haven’t read it yet. (*face palm*) Trying to finish all of my homework for seminary first!

October 3 – I’ll be at the Go! Curriculum booth all week at MegaCon so come say hi! We’re on the second floor!

I LOVED working the Go! Curriculum booth at MegaCon this year! David (the writer/creator) is awesome, and this is my favorite curriculum out there. Learn more about Go! here.

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