Rock Stars: Inspiring a Team of Unstoppable Volunteers

By KidMin Nation (Editor: Tina Houser)

My rating: 5/5 stars – It was amazing!  


Read: April 2019

This book is for you if… you lead volunteers, you want to encourage and equip your volunteers

My thoughts: This book came at the perfect time! We just finished up Admin April 2019, focusing on all things volunteers, so I loved reading this book that gave me new ideas and perspectives on volunteers too. This isn’t the first time I’ve been honored to have a chapter published in a KidMin Nation book! The first book was all about connecting with parents (see more details here) and the second book was all about connecting with kids (see more details here). The third one was all about YOU, kidmin leader (more details here). Rock Stars: Inspiring a Team of Unstoppable Volunteers is all about your volunteer team!

The book includes chapters on practical ways to share your vision, leading a team older than you, the pros and cons of different serving schedules, onboarding volunteers, and so much more! My chapter is all about PIE-ing your volunteers in the face with effective volunteer training, and I shared excerpts from the chapter on the blog here and here. I had 3 other “favorite” chapters in the book that really stood out to me (I never can pick just one).

The first chapter I liked is all about using technology to train your volunteers. This is an area I’m exploring and learning more about, and I loved Patrick Miller’s ideas for using technology as a way to communicate with and equip your volunteer team. When using technology to train volunteers, Miller encourages leaders to ask: Is it easy? Is it attractive? Is it useful? Is it fun? Making sure your technology answers “yes” to all four of those questions will increase the effectiveness of it. Miller also suggests making a virtual library of resources your volunteers can access digitally at any time. This idea is similar to the Volunteer Hub we used on our church website where volunteers could access the volunteer handbook, training materials, and other digital training resources. Plus, training your volunteers on and with technology can help them connect with the technologically-native kids they serve!

I also loved Erica Holloway’s chpater on “glittery volunteers.” Glittery volunteers stick around and make a lasting impact on the kids they serve, much like glitter sticks to everything and adds sparkle to whatever it touches. Volunteers that stick need kidmin leaders who practice servant leadership, listen to their complaints and successes, understand a volunteer’s strengths and passions outside of children’s ministry, and realize the chaos of their volunteers’ lives. So really, having a volunteer team that sticks is more about how we lead our volunteer teams than about who is on our volunteer teams.

My husband is a full-time youth pastor, so that’s probably why Josh Zello’s chapter about letting teenagers lead also made it into my top 3 list. Zello not only provides the WHY behind letting teenagers lead (which I think we can all get behind), he also talks about the HOW and gives practical ideas. (And if you want to include teenagers in your volunteer team, use our Student Volunteer Package to help prepare students to serve effectively and stay organized yourself!)

Also shout out to Joy Canupp from Leading with Joy and her chapter on creating weekly volunteer teams. I loved her ideas and encouragement for setting up an effective team that serves each week.

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  1. I like to bless my Awana Directors for their incredible service at the end of each club year. I usually will give out gift cards for restaurants etc but one particular volunteer had a rough year and was still steadfast in her service. Her love language was quality time, so I purchased the same value gift card to a Spa nearby. I purchased one for myself as well and we enjoyed a lovely spa day together. Filled both our love tanks and refreshed our mind, body and hearts as well! it was a win!

  2. The ones that aren’t tied to a holiday! The unexpected ones! One day I just mailed my volunteers a $5 gift card with a personal note. And it was the note that meant the world to them!!!! The personal note and the use of snail mail!

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