Easily played with social-distancing in place, this game is perfect for getting kids talking! On each slide, there are two options on the screen. Kids respond with which option they prefer by standing, clapping, cheering, or whatever fun action you choose!

This free download includes 11 .png files you can insert into a PPT or your favorite presentation software. Please note: Because this freebie contains multiple files, it will download as a zipped folder and will not be viewable on a mobile device.

This game is one of the games provided in our Adventures in Babylon series from Julia Ball that takes kids and families on a journey through the book of Daniel! Designed with social-distancing and minimal volunteers in mind, it’s the perfect series for this season! Learn more about this 5-week series here.

And if you’re looking for more screen-based games to play in your ministry, find some here!

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